Friess oilskimmer for industrial use

Since 1976 Friess GmbH offers oilskimmer in order to remove floating oil from water, coolant, washing water, cooling water, rain water or waste water.

In 1998 Friess produced the first oilskimmer made of stainless steel with oil collector tube. Since 2000 all oilskimmer produced by Friess are made of stainless steel. In the beginning Friess offered two different type of oilskimmer. In the meantime you can choose between eight different standard models and many options in order to customize your oilskimming system.

Friess oilskimmer are used for many different application, for example

In addition to the oilskimmer, Friess offers solutions for cleaning of process fluids such as electrostatic oil cleaning, vacuum oil dewatering and magnetic filtration.

Friess produces a wide range of standard oilskimmer and is able to provide customized solution.

Because of the service and sales network with six representatives in Germany and more than twenty representatives in Europe and Asia local service is guaranteed. Friess GmbH is a manufacturer and produces in Monheim am Rhein, Germany.

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