Oil water separators for industrial use

Oil water separators for industrial use FRIESS GmbH is manufacturer of different kind of oil water separators. Since 1972 the German based company FRIESS sells and produces different kind of oil water separators.

1. Oil skimmers for separation of floating oils from water.

2. Waste water treatment systems for cleaning industrial waste water before discharge.

The oil water separators for floating oil are able to remove oil from the surface of water, waste water, rain water, coolant, washing water and so on. The oil water separators made by FRIESS work with a floating oil collector tube that picks up the floating oil from the water surface and clean the water before further treatment.

The oil water separators that clean waste water before discharge are based on small compact waste water treatment plants. They are able to remove emulsified and non-emulsified oil and other impurities from industrial waste water before discharge into municipal sewage.

Oil water separators made by FRIESS are used by many well-known steel manufacturers, car manufacturers and other metal working companies in Germany, Europe and Asia. Based on more than 30 years of experience and a network of dealers in Germany, Europe and Asia, FRIESS GmbH is able to provide oil water separators for all kinds of applications. Click on the link below in order to learn more about FRIESS oil water separators.

More information about Friess oil water separators here...


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