Removal of tramp oil with Friess oil skimmer

In order to remove floating oil and fat from water or coolant or washing water, Friess GmbH produces different types of oil skimmer.

In addition to the standard oil skimmer Friess provides a wide range of standard mounting systems and customized mounting systems. Friess is also able to produce customized oil skimmer for various application. Friess has built special oil skimmer for application as follows:

Friess oil skimmers are used in many different applications.

Friess oil skimmer are used in many different industries like steel industry, aluminum industry, refinery, chemical industry, food industry, railroad companies, mining, metal working industry, automotive industry and many others. Over the years we have sold more than ten thousand different oil skimmer in Germany and many other countries in the world. Due to our dealers network we are able to provide oil skimmer and service in your area.

Friess GmbH is manufacturer of oil skimmer systems and other cleaning equipment for process liquids in Germany and offers highest quality standard and highest environment protection standards.

In addition to the oil skimmer Friess GmbH offers electrostatic oil cleaning machines, oil dewatering systems and magnetic filtration systems. Based on a network of specialist and more than thirty years of experience and knowhow of more than ten thousand application, we are able to offer a perfect solution for your needs.

More information about Friess oil skimmer here...


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